Patio *~
is a graphic design studio that translates imaginative ideas into practical applications.


Visual identity and website for the VCFA Graphic Design thesis exhibition in Summer 2023.

A typeface project that manifests abundance through the use of humble materials.
An ethical AI tool that partners with American universities to aid students in deeper learning.

Epic Fail
A tool for the classroom that helps students embrace failure and reflect on personal accountability.

The Current
Positioning a Rhode Island gift shop as a local tastemaker and contemporary curator.

Engaged with the iCapital marketing team to bridge the gaps between brand messaging and product capabilities.


Zach Leader, Ray Masaki, Rick Heffner, Ana Melendez

Web Development
Mattieu Moreau Domecq
In choosing a reflective octahedron to serve as our mascot, the art direction and web design for VCFA’s 2023 Graphic Design thesis exhibition presented a rotation of eight graduate projects that interrograted expressions of humanity.

Reflecting on the cyclical nature of design, history, and experiences, we found that they are not singular or linear—they are relational and ever-evolving. The prefix “re” emphasizes the importance of learning from our pasts and using that knowledge to promote effective change within the work we do for others and ourselves.