Patio *~
is a graphic design studio that translates imaginative ideas into practical applications.


Visual identity and website for the VCFA Graphic Design thesis exhibition in Summer 2023.

A typeface project that manifests abundance through the use of humble materials.
An ethical AI tool that partners with American universities to aid students in deeper learning.

Epic Fail
A tool for the classroom that helps students embrace failure and reflect on personal accountability.

The Current
Positioning a Rhode Island gift shop as a local tastemaker and contemporary curator.

Engaged with the iCapital marketing team to bridge the gaps between brand messaging and product capabilities.

Menus & Overlays

Pages that are set to “Overlay” load above all other contents and can be linked-to from the Link menu. To use, right-click a page in the Pages menu and choose “Overlay”.

Use overlays for site menus, popup windows or information panels — generally, layering the contents of one page on top of another.

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Full page overlay
Centered buttons
Thumbnail menu
Right-hand menu
Top panel
Left-side nav
Top-right panel
Popover text menu
Popup window
Logo wipe
Full page wipe
Right-side overlay