Patio *~
is a graphic design studio that translates imaginative ideas into practical applications.


Visual identity and website for the VCFA Graphic Design thesis exhibition in Summer 2023.

A typeface project that manifests abundance through the use of humble materials.
An ethical AI tool that partners with American universities to aid students in deeper learning.

Epic Fail
A tool for the classroom that helps students embrace failure and reflect on personal accountability.

The Current
Positioning a Rhode Island gift shop as a local tastemaker and contemporary curator.

Engaged with the iCapital marketing team to bridge the gaps between brand messaging and product capabilities.

Epic Fail Pass

TeamAlison Schwartz, James Rutter

Project TypeSelf-intiated, Academia

MaterialsLaser printing on Astrobright Cosmic Orange, 24lb
School is the safest place to fail, but not everyone has that privilege. The "Epic Fail Pass" seeks to reshape the perception of failure within educational contexts. As a credit allowance, it can empower students to turn setbacks into moments of reflection. Integrating the Epic Fail Pass into classroom strategies has promoted accountability and cultivated a culture of growth and resilience among learners.

This approach offers a practical tool for transforming failure into a positive learning experience. For educators, the pass is an assistive tool to use missteps as opportunities for development and improvement, fostering a supportive environment where students feel empowered to learn from their experiences.

An unused Epic Fail Pass at the end of a semester...